Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uni-Kit #7 is compatible with the new Brother TN650 (TN-650) and TN620 (TN-620)

The Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit #7 is compatible with Brother TN650 and TN620 toner cartridges.

The yield is 2 x the original on the TN620 and 1 x the original cartridge yield on the TN650.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

INKfinite Printer Bundle coming soon...

CONTINUOUS INK printer bundle

What does the bundle include?
The INKfinite printer bundle includes a color inkjet printer, and a continuous INK system which comes with continuous flow cartridges and a reservoir with the equivalent of about 60 cartridges worth of ink!

How easy is it to install?
VERY easy! The Continuous Ink System comes prefilled with premium UV ink already attached to brand new set of continuous fill cartridges. All you need to do is plug the continuous ink system into the printer and you're good to go!

How much ink is included?
The continuous ink system is PREFILLED with about 10 cartridges worth of ink PER COLOR. That's a total of about 60 cartridges worth of ink all in 1 system.

How much do I save?
About 80%! For less than $200
you get over $900 worth of ink! Here's the comparison:

  • 1 x Color Inkjet Printer ($99)
  • 10 x Original Brand Black Cartridges ($184.90)
  • 10 x Original Brand Cyan Cartridges ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Magenta Cartridges ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Yellow Cartridges ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Photo Cyan ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Photo Magenta ($106.32)
    (using Staples online prices from June 2008)

The INKfinite bundle will give you the equivalent amount of prints for only $199.98

That's like getting the printer AND a few hundred dollars worth of ink for FREE!

What happens when I run out of ink?
That would be a good problem to have! If you can blow through all this ink, then all you need to do is ADD INK! We sell Continuous Ink REFILL PACKS which will replenish the same amount of ink (about 60 cartridges worth of ink) for less than $50. That's like getting 60 cartridges worth of ink for less than $1 per cartridge!

What is the quality like?
We use only PREMIUM UV Resistant Inks of photographic quality. Our customers include both regular home users as well as photo professionals who demand the best in ink technology.

Who is a good candidate for the INKfinite printer bundle?
The INKfinite continuous ink printer bundle is for anyone who wants to save a significant amount on printing. We simply do not know of a lower cost alternative for printing. Whether your printing habits are for regular tect and documents, or whether you are a high volume printer of brochures, postcards, invitations or other, everybody likes to save and this is the best way we know how.

What is the guarantee?
The continuous ink system does not use any moving parts, and therefore will outlast the printer. The printer comes with the original warranty. You can use the Continuous Ink System on ANY compatible printer, but the convenience of this bundle is that it comes with the printer.

What if I have my own printer, can I buy just the Continuous Ink System?
Yes! We sell continuous ink systems for a variety of different printers, just click on the "Continuous Ink Systems" tab on the left menu.

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