Friday, February 21, 2014

Which resetter do I need for my specific Canon or Epson inkjet cartridge?

When refilling your Canon or Epson ink cartridge, depending on the model, you also need to replace or reset the chips. offers the following resetters for the below-mentioned cartridge models:

We have 3 Epson Resetters for non-wide format models (V5, V7 and V9). The models they reset are listed below:

(this is for T068120* / T069120* / T069220* / T069320* / T069420* / T069520* / T077120* / T077220* / T077320* / T077420* / T077520* / T077620* / T078120* / T078220* / T078320* / T078420* / T078520* / T078620* / T007 / T008 / T009 / T015 / T016 / T017 / T018 / T0100 / T026 / T027 / T028 / T029 / T036 / T037 / T038 / T039 / T040 / T041 / T057 / T058 / T066 / T067 / T0321 / T0322 / T0323 / T0324 / T0331 / T0332 / T0333 / T0334 / T0711* / T0712* / T0713* / T0714*)

(this is for T124* / T125* / T126* / T127*)

(this is for 16/16XL*, 18/18XL*, 26/26XL*, 200/200XL*, 273/273XL*, 277/277XL*)

* VERY IMPORTANT: The models marked with an asterisk use a new generation 9-Pin Epson chip (T068, T069, T077 and T078 cartridges). For these cartridges, the printer reads more than just the chip when determining the ink level status for the cartridge. The printer also reads ink level sensors INSIDE the cartridge, so the cartridge needs to be both properly resetted AND properly refilled in order for the printer to recognize it as full. Make sure you know how to refill these cartridges before you buy this resetter! This caution does not apply to the older generation chips that are not marked with an asterisk, which use 7-pin chips.

For Canon, there is no 250/251 resetter yet, we have the following models: