Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Samsung CLP-310 / CLP-315 Printer Refills

Samsung has done it again, having come out with new beautiful and affordable color laser printers called the Samsung CLP-310 and the Samsung CLP-315 laser printers. First they came out with the Samsung CLP-300, which was at the time the world's cheapest and smallest color printer, and the now faster and better CLP310 and CLP315. As of the posting of this article, there are no remanufactured cartridges on the market for these new machines, however Uni-Kit has found a way to refill them and has released the Uni-Kit refill kit for the Samsung CLP310 and CLP315 cartridges. The trick is to refill these before they completely empty, because when they completely empty they will lock out and the printer won't accept them any more (even if refilled).

A hole making tool is no longer required to refill these, as there is an easy refill port which is shown in the Uni-Kit refill instructions.

All available cartridges and refills for the Samsung CLP310 and CLP-315 printers are listed for sale by 123refills here:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Printer for under $100

A common question we get from customers, is "what's a good printer for me?".
The main considerations are:
1. Good quality
2. Low initial cost
3. Low maintenance cost
4. Refill friendly

At 123 Refills, we offer printers to meet these considerations.

Looking for a cost-effective, good quality, monochrome (black) laser printer? How about a refurbished Samsung ML-2510 Compact USB 2.0/Parallel Laser Printer, which comes complete WITH an original Samsung cartridge all for only $77.50 (that's about the price of just the cartridge, and like getting the printer for free).

Looking for a cost-effective, good quality, color laser printer? How about a refurbished Samsung CLP-300 USB Printer for less than $145 complete WITH an original set of Samsung CLP300 cartridges (that's about the price of just the cartridges, and like getting the printer for free).

Check out all printer deals here: http://www.123refills.net/cic/category.php?category=Printers

Sunday, September 20, 2009

123 Refills expands ink and toner refill franchise to Malta

September 15, 2009

123 Refills, a worldwide brand of ink and toner refills products and services, has announced its latest expansion into the country of Malta. The franchise territory rights have been awarded to Mr. Franco Preca, an MBA graduate and a serial entrepreneur who has founded and sold numerous successful businesses in Malta, including a string of Pharmaceutical companies. “I am proud to represent 123 Refills in Malta”, asserts Franco. “I believe that the company offers an excellent and profitable opportunity, as well as an opportunity to protect the environment. The 123 Refills management was very responsive to all my queries, and the training provided was top notch.”

With his extensive sales experience and background, the 123 Refills brand is proud to welcome Franco into its growing worldwide family. 123 Refills is continuing with its plan to grow strategically and steadily with a careful selection of international partners. Last month (August 2009), 123 Refills also awarded franchise rights for KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) as well as Kuwait to strong partners in those regions.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uni-Kit #7 is compatible with the new Brother TN650 (TN-650) and TN620 (TN-620)

The Uni-Kit Toner Refill Kit #7 is compatible with Brother TN650 and TN620 toner cartridges.

The yield is 2 x the original on the TN620 and 1 x the original cartridge yield on the TN650.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

INKfinite Printer Bundle coming soon...

CONTINUOUS INK printer bundle

What does the bundle include?
The INKfinite printer bundle includes a color inkjet printer, and a continuous INK system which comes with continuous flow cartridges and a reservoir with the equivalent of about 60 cartridges worth of ink!

How easy is it to install?
VERY easy! The Continuous Ink System comes prefilled with premium UV ink already attached to brand new set of continuous fill cartridges. All you need to do is plug the continuous ink system into the printer and you're good to go!

How much ink is included?
The continuous ink system is PREFILLED with about 10 cartridges worth of ink PER COLOR. That's a total of about 60 cartridges worth of ink all in 1 system.

How much do I save?
About 80%! For less than $200
you get over $900 worth of ink! Here's the comparison:

  • 1 x Color Inkjet Printer ($99)
  • 10 x Original Brand Black Cartridges ($184.90)
  • 10 x Original Brand Cyan Cartridges ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Magenta Cartridges ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Yellow Cartridges ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Photo Cyan ($106.32)
  • 10 x Original Brand Photo Magenta ($106.32)
    (using Staples online prices from June 2008)

The INKfinite bundle will give you the equivalent amount of prints for only $199.98

That's like getting the printer AND a few hundred dollars worth of ink for FREE!

What happens when I run out of ink?
That would be a good problem to have! If you can blow through all this ink, then all you need to do is ADD INK! We sell Continuous Ink REFILL PACKS which will replenish the same amount of ink (about 60 cartridges worth of ink) for less than $50. That's like getting 60 cartridges worth of ink for less than $1 per cartridge!

What is the quality like?
We use only PREMIUM UV Resistant Inks of photographic quality. Our customers include both regular home users as well as photo professionals who demand the best in ink technology.

Who is a good candidate for the INKfinite printer bundle?
The INKfinite continuous ink printer bundle is for anyone who wants to save a significant amount on printing. We simply do not know of a lower cost alternative for printing. Whether your printing habits are for regular tect and documents, or whether you are a high volume printer of brochures, postcards, invitations or other, everybody likes to save and this is the best way we know how.

What is the guarantee?
The continuous ink system does not use any moving parts, and therefore will outlast the printer. The printer comes with the original warranty. You can use the Continuous Ink System on ANY compatible printer, but the convenience of this bundle is that it comes with the printer.

What if I have my own printer, can I buy just the Continuous Ink System?
Yes! We sell continuous ink systems for a variety of different printers, just click on the "Continuous Ink Systems" tab on the left menu.

Coming soon to 123 Refills: http://www.123refills.net/inkfinite.php

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Greece franchise operation expands

The 123refills brand in Greece continues to expand at a healthy rate of about 1 store every couple of months. This is in line with the company's goals of being a leading ink and toner refill / retail store franchise. In terms of market share, 123refills is the 2nd largest ink refill franchise in the country, but its focus is not on opening as many stores as possible, but rather on sustainable growth. The growth has been sustainable, and the company focuses on quality, price and service.

Although the ink and toner refill concept was started in the US, the brick and mortar retail store model was first expanded in Europe, and is now reaching out to the Middle East.

New OEM cartridges being added to 123 Refills catalog

Over 100 new OEM cartridges (inkjet and toner) are being added to the 123 Refills catalog and will be available in early August for sale.

The catalog is over 4,000 products strong and includes OEM (original brand) inkjet and toner cartridges, compatible and remanufactured ink and toner cartridges, ink refills, toner refills and more.

Brother TN650 toner cartridge and TN-650 refill kit coming soon

Uni-Kit is releasing new compatible cartridges for the Brother TN650 as well as a refill kit for this popular laser printer. Due for release first week of August, 2009

Back to school coupon coming up soon

123 Refills will offer a discount coupon within the first few days of August for back to school customers. To receive the coupon, you need to be an existing customer and have opted in to the email list, or subscribe to become a newsletter member at http://123refills.net/cic/newsletterpop.php

The coupons are for ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ink refills, toner refills, continuous ink systems and more inkjet and laser toner supplies

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brother TN110 / TN115 toner refills in stock

The much awaited Uni-Kit toner refills for the Brother TN-110 and TN-115 (used in Brother HL-4040 and other laser printer machines) are now in stock.
Uni-Kit had delayed the supply for this toner due to quality test considerations, and just announced that it has qualified a high quality manufacturer for this toner. The toner refills were released on July 22, 2009, and bottled in the TN115 size (higher capacity) but due to overwhelming demand the first batch of toner that was produced is almost sold out. The toner is not available for sale online, only by phone at this time, to ensure that if a customer places an order the 123 Refills staff can do a physical inventory check to ensure whether or not it can be fulfilled.

Customers are encouraged to call in to see if any is still available (as of today, there is quite a bit of Black left, but not much on the other colors C,Y,M).

A new batch is being manufactured and expected to be released in both TN110 and TN115 sizes by around August 15 - 20th, 2009.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Canon CLI221 / PGI220 cartridges are gaining in popularity

The newer Canon inkjet printers seem to be getting pretty popular, we have noticed an impressive spike in customers searching for and buying cartridges and refill kits for the Canon CLI-221 and PGI-220 cartridges. The printers that use these machines include the Canon iP3600, iP4600, MP540, MP620, MP630, MP980, and more will probably be released.
In different parts of the world, Canon has released different versions of these cartridges. For example, in Canada, the cartridges are the PGI-520 and CLI-521.

The compatible cartridges that 123 Refills sells are universal for the PGI-220 / PGI-520, and the CLI-221 / CLI-521 ink cartridges.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Follow 123 Refills on Twitter

123 Refills has a webpage on twitter, offering industry related news, product updates, and coupons as they become available. You can follow 123 Refills on twitter at: http://twitter.com/123_Refills

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Refilling the Canon CLI8 and PGI5 cartridges

s123 Refills offers the Uni-Kit refill kits, which are also used in the refilling of the popular Canon CLI8 and PGI5 ink cartridges. In this video, a customer shows how they refilled their CLI-8 cartridges using the Uni-Kit refill kit and the Uni-Kit resetter for Canon CLI8 / PGI5.

TV commercial for Greece

123 Refills has more than 25 store locations in Greece offering ink and toner cartridges, and refill services. Customers can bring their cartridges and have them professionally refilled / remanufactured on site. No empty? No problem. The 123 Refills stores stock all popular ink and toner cartridges ready for sale.

Ink Refills - Video by 123 Refills AS SEEN ON TV

Toner Refill Kits - Video by 123 Refills AS SEEN ON TV

Continous Ink System - video by 123 Refills AS SEEN ON TV

123 Refills - TV commercial as seen on Planet Green, DIY Network and more

123 Refills Franchise Expands to Saudi Arabia

(Riyadh - Saudi Arabia) - 123 Refills, a well established ink and toner cartridge refill franchise concept, has announced its first expansion plans for the Arabian Peninsula. The company has announced that it has awarded the Master franchise rights for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to Saleh Abdulrahman Aloulasaudi, of the Saudi Refills Trading Company (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).

KSA has an estimated population of 27 million, and is the largest country of the Arabian Peninsula. By the end of 2009, the company plans for the first store to be in operation, with expansion plans for another 10 stores within the first 2 years.

With years of successful experience in commercial and financial operational strategies and logistics, Saleh Aloulasadi joins the 123 Refills world team with a wealth of knowledge and experience to service and support future franchisees.

The 123 Refills brand has proven the existence of a growing market by driving millions of visitors to its website, sold over a million cartridges and refills through its network, and successfully franchised its retail store operation over the last 4 years.

"We have the right products, services, infrastructure and philosophy to sustain our growth," asserts Andrew Constantinou, director of European operations. "In July 2008 we announced our interest in pursuing the Middle East market with the MEFRANCHISING Group, and in the span of the last year we have carefully evaluated all options to ensure that we partner with a very strong master franchisor, which we believe we have now found in Mr. Aloulasaudi and the Saudi Refills Trading Company. While our breakthrough into Saudi Arabia marks the beginning of our expansion efforts into the Middle East, we look forward to fulfilling more company goals in the region".

123 Refills Franchise Expands to Kuwait

Kuwait City, Kuwait –(July 16, 2009) - 123 Refills, a well established ink and toner cartridge refill franchise concept, has announced its expansion into the country of Kuwait. The company has announced that it has awarded the first franchise rights to Saoud Nasser Al-Mutairi, of the Kuwait Industrial Solution Company (Kuwait City).

The State of Kuwait is a sovereign Arab Emirate with an estimated population of 3 million. The company has plans to open the first store within the 3rd quarter of 2009.

Having just signed the master franchise rights to neighboring KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), 123 Refills is following through on its planned efforts to expand throughout the middle East.