Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Everyone uses Avery Labels - why overpay?

Everyone uses Avery labels for printing, whether you're printing bottle labels, name tags, or other size labels, Avery makes it easy with easy to use templates and good quality labels. But there's no reason to overspend. Avery branded labels are expensive, but compatible labels that are designed to work with Avery templates can save you more than 50%. Actually, more like 75% off. For $7.99 (or less if you buy in bulk) you get 50 sheets of compatible labels. Avery labels at a retail store like Staples or Office Depot would cost around $20 for the same amount of labels.


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


From 123 Refills Cyprus News:

123 Refills has opened its 4th store in Cyprus, and 2nd in the city of Limassol. The expansion of the ink and toner refill brand is on the Greek side of Cyprus (governmen controlled area) which has a population of around 800,000 people. Limassol was home to the 1st 123 Refills store for the country, and it is now home to the brand's 4th store for Cyprus. Limassol is the second-largest city in Cyprus, with a population of 228,000 (2008). It is the largest city in geographical size, and the biggest municipality on the island. The city is located on Akrotiri Bay, on the island's southern coast and it is the capital of Limassol District. The 2nd store for Limassol has opened on the very popular Omonoias Avenue in the center of the city.

123 Refills now has 4 ink refill stores in total in Cyprus, and a 5th is planned for the city of Paphos in 2012.


123 Refills Greece has expanded to over 200 dealer locations since the brand's launch of a dealer program last year.

From 123 Refills Greece News:

In October 2010, 123 Refills launched an aggressive dealer program for existing stores to offer 123 Refills products (ready for sale off the shelf). This compact model, which allows an existing stationary or electronics store to add a 123 Refills section with products in their store has allowed the brand to expand rapidly throughout Greece. As of November 2011, just 1 year later, 123 Refills Greece has expanded to over 200 dealer locations.

In addition to the dealer program, 123 Refills has held strong with its traditional 123 Refills turnkey store model (which offers ink and toner cartridges as well as refill services). With the 8 new such stores having opened in the last 4 months, the total of these traditional 123 Refills stores now numbers 35 for the country. See store locations here: ink refill franchise

Friday, November 18, 2011

NEATO Products now available at 123 Refills

123 Refills is proud to now offer a wide selection of popular Neato labels and labeling related products. Neato is a Fellowes brand and a high quality manufacturer of CD / DVD labels, inserts, bottle labels and other great labeling and CD / DVD related products. You can check out the selection of CD / DVD labels (including sleeves, windows, flaps and other CD / DVD customizing materials) as well as bottle labels on the 123 Refills website.