Tuesday, February 2, 2010

INKFINITE Continuous Ink Printer Bundle

INKFINITE Continuous Ink Printer Bundle

Brother Continuous Ink System Bundle now available, get a $979 value for less than $200. Over 40 cartridges worth of ink + a Brother inkjet printer for $200.

This is an incredible value deal, and makes sense for just about any home or small office use. The printer is the Brother IntelliFax - 1960c Color Inkjet Printer. This printer boasts a full-color fax and Message Center solution with a 5.8GHz cordless handset and built-in answering machine. Ideal for small office or home office environments, it’s a perfect communications tool that delivers impressive fax, phone and printing features. Among its features are a 5.8GHz digital cordless handset, High speed 33.6K bps SuperG3 fax modem, 16MB memory and more.

This printer has an estimated street price of $169.99 by Brother, and comes with 1 cartridge per color (black, cyan, yellow, magenta). Consider that each cartridge holds around 12ml of ink.

Now consider the value proposition of the Inkfinite Bundle:

1 x Brother factory refurbished Intellifax 1960c Printer
1 x Continuous Ink System (holds around 100ml ink per color)

Thats the equivalent of around 40 cartridges worth of ink PLUS the printer, all for under $200.

If you bought 40 cartridges, those would run you over $700. Add the cost of the printer, and you'd be around $1000.

So its really like saving around $800 worth of ink!

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