Thursday, September 2, 2010

Investopedia ranks printer ink as the 5th most outrageously overpriced product

6-outrageously-overpriced-products: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

"You may be able to buy a surprisingly affordable printer at your local office supply store, but don't start celebrating just yet. The printer companies make their biggest bucks on ink.
Over the life of your printer, you'll probably pay more than 500% of the total price of the printer itself on ink refill cartridges. At $30, a 42ml cartridge of black printer ink comes out to 71 cents per ml. On the other hand, the Red Cross charges $200 for 500 ml of blood, which comes out to about 40 cents per ml."

Buying compatible ink from 123 Refills saves customers around 50% on average compared to buying original brand ink from office supply stores.

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