Thursday, March 17, 2011

Canon / Epson and other OEM manufacturers affected by Japan earthquake and Tsunami

The earthquake and tsunami to have recently struck Japan has been devastating to the region, with thousands of lives lost and billions in damage to infrastructure.

The economic impact of the quake and tsunami have also affected printer cartridge and component manufacturers, since Japan is a main hub and origin for many well known printer manufacturers such as Epson, Canon, Brother, Toshiba, Fuji and others.

Canon for example has halted operations at eight of its facilities in Japan, and has also reported injuries to some employees. Canon has also reportedly made a donation equivalent to around $3 million U.S. dollars to the Japanese Red Cross Society and other humanitarian aid organizations.

Epson (Seiko Epson) has also suffered damage to several plants and has shut down production at some facilities.  

The country is facing the worst times in recent history and the world's prayers are with the people of Japan during this very difficult and trying time.

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