Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coming soon... ink you can eat!

Coming soon... inks you can eat, or also referred to as edible inks.  Why on earth would you want to eat your inks?  Well, for printing digital images onto your cakes! For example, you will be able to print that photo of your son or daughter to put onto their birthday cake.  Personalize cakes, cupcakes, or other baked goodies by simply printing your desired image onto a sheet of edible paper (yes, you can eat the paper too which are also known as frosting sheets), and apply the printed frosting sheet to your cake.  All this, on a simple sub $100 inkjet printer!

We have been working long and hard to test and bring to market a comprehensive solution for edible inks and edible paper (frosting sheets) and will be releasing it soon.

You will be able to print your cakes and eat them too!

Questions? Comments? Please post and we will be happy to respond.

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  1. Almost ready for launch! Edible inks from are going to be available through 123 Refills in early October 2011