Sunday, February 12, 2012


123 Refills has announced the launch of its new “we need your empties” program. The program is designed to collect specific empty cartridges from customers that 123 Refills is developing refill solutions for.

“Our number one goal is to save our customers money”, explains 123 Refills Marketing Co-ordinator, Costa Roussos. “But we also love the fact that we and our customers all do our part by helping the environment.”

Costa goes on to explain the rationale behind the 123 Refills “we need your empties” program:

“Printer manufacturers are constantly releasing new printer and cartridge models, and 123 Refills is proactive in developing quality and affordable refill solutions for customers to fill their cartridge, or to offer a ready-filled remanufactured ink or toner cartridge.
In order to develop these refill products, we need the empties so we can run our tests on new ink or toner formulations, and develop easy to follow refill instructions.”

In exchange for the customer’s empty, 123 Refills offers a $10 coupon for use towards any order.
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