Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kodak forced to remove ink savings ads in print and on TV

Kodak has been aggressively marketing its series of ink savings ads, making such claims on UK TV and print media advertising that 'customers can save 75 pounds a year on ink'. The ads were pulled after HP (hewlett packard) vigorously contested Kodak's claims and got the UK's avertising watchdog - Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to agree with HP and force Kodak to pull the ads. Kodak inks are cheaper for users compared to original HP inks, that is a point that most industry experts would agree on, but they are still significantly more expensive than compatible or after-market inks. 123 Refills for example sells ink cartridges for use in Kodak printers that offer consumers around 50% savings compared to buying Kodak original printer ink cartridges. Compatible inks for use in Kodak inkjet printers are available through the website's Kodak ink page.

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  1. In a role-reversal follow up to this, Kodak has now challenged the validity of HP claims that HP ink offers 65 percent more ink than competitors as well as some of HP's ink cartridge yield claims. Kodak brought the complaints to the attention of The National Advertising Division (NAD) of the Council for Better Business Bureaus. The NAD has determined that HP has not provided a reasonable supporting basis for some of its claims, and it suggested that HP discontinue the claims. HP has of course disagreed with the NAD, and the issue has now been passed on to the FTC for further investigation.