Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A lawsuit against HP for their HP LaserJet printers giving low toner warnings too soon has reached a Proposed Settlement

In the following HP CLJ (HP Color LaserJet) printers and their corresponding print cartridges, the printer ceased printing when it was determined that the print cartridge had reached end-of-life:

CLJ 1500 Printer Series CLJ 4550 Printer Series
CLJ 2500 Printer Series CLJ 4600 Printer Series
CLJ 2550 Printer Series CLJ 4610N Printer
CLJ 2820 Printer CLJ 4650 Printer Series
CLJ 2830 Printer CLJ 5500 Printer Series
CLJ 2840 Printer CLJ 5550 Printer Series
CLJ 3500 Printer Series CLJ 8500 Printer Series
CLJ 3550 Printer Series CLJ 8550 Printer Series
CLJ 3700 Printer Series CLJ 9500 Printer Series
CLJ 4500 Printer Series

This resulted in users of these printers being forced to change the cartridges, even when their existing cartridges still had some toner left in them.

HP was sued for damages and an end to “deceptive and unconscionable practices” and has now come to a settlement.

According to HP: "The Proposed Settlement provides for a number of benefits, including HP’s agreement to post on its website a description of the operation of the Affected Models as it pertains to any interruption or termination of printing caused by toner level in their print cartridges, including a description of the mechanism in certain printers that allows users to “override” any termination in printing caused by the level of toner in their print cartridges. This description can now be found at the following site. HP also will contribute up to $5,000,000 in e-credits to be distributed to class members who purchased, leased, received as a gift or otherwise acquired in the United States a printer on the Affected Models list"


  1. HP has also just settled a case against the OEM manufacturer for $5 million. The case was based on three separate lawsuits:

    The 1st lawsuit: claimed that HP ‘low on ink’ messages confused customers into prematurely replacing cartridges.

    The 2nd lawsuit: claimed that certain HP cartridges stopped working on undisclosed expiration dates

    The 3rd lawsuit: claimed that some HP printers use color when printing in black and white, without disclosing this fact or providing consumers with the option to disable it.

    As part of the settlement, HP agreed to make changes to some 'low ink' messages as well as amending information given in user manuals. According to the proposed settlement, HP will also contribute up to $5,000,000 in e-credits to be distributed among owners of affected US purchased HP printers who file a claim. The list of affected printers is located at:

  2. Here are some of the HP inkjet printers of HP's settlement list (for full list and details see

    HP Deskjet 350c Printer
    HP Deskjet 350cbi Printer
    HP Deskjet 350cbi Printer w/roller-case
    HP Deskjet 420 Printer
    HP Deskjet 420c Printer
    HP Deskjet 610c Printer
    HP Deskjet 610cl Printer
    HP Deskjet 612c Printer
    HP Deskjet 615c Printer
    HP Deskjet 630c Printer
    HP Deskjet 632c Printer
    HP Deskjet 640c Pavilion Turbo Printer
    HP Deskjet 640c Printer
    HP Deskjet 640c Refurbished Printer
    HP Deskjet 640u Printer
    HP Deskjet 642c Printer
    HP Deskjet 648c Printer
    and many more