Friday, January 7, 2011

Lexmark raises their prices on many popular Lexmark inkjet cartridges

According to Actionable Intelligence, Lexmark has once again raised their prices on many of their popular inkjet cartridges.  This is particularly of note, not only because it is not the first time that they have done this (in a short amount of time), but because Lexmark has been aggressively marketing their Vizix line of inks as a low cost alternative (and the cost increases are also on Vizix brand).  And what about the timing of the price increase?  Right after the busiest shopping time of the year, when many people just bought themselves (or others) a new printer.  Lexmark printers are among the world's cheapest, often sold close to cost (possibly below cost at times).  You can pick up a new Lexmark printer for under $50 through some store specials.  Refurbished models can cost even less than that.  And considering that Lexmark's markup on their inks is probably at least 500%, it does make "news" when Lexmark decides to raise prices on popular cartridges by another 5-15%.

The popular Lexmark 100 and 100xl cartridges have gone up in price around 10-15%.
The popular Lexmark 34xl, 35xl, 36xl, 37xl, 43xl, and 44xl cartridges have gone up around 5%.

See the exact price increases as reported by Actionable Intelligence:

Lexmark Inkjet Price Increases

123 Refills is keeping their prices steady, even offering discounts from time to time.  Prices are around 50% cheaper on remanufactured Lexmark cartridges than on Lexmark originals.

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