Monday, January 10, 2011

New inkjet printer from Memjet boasts laser printer speeds

For high-speed color printing, the only solution thus far has been laser printers. This year, however, Memjet has entered the market with an inkjet printer that prints the entire page simultaneously in about 1 second.  "We bring revolutionary changes to the market" boasts the Laouer Len, CEO of Memjet, which demonstrated its technology at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

Unlike conventional ink-jet, Memjet has a large, firm head with 70,000 tiny nozzles that spray ink simultaneously. 

With the price range around $ 500 to $ 600, the new printer is priced in line with color laser printers with similar performance. Memjet also claims a lower cost of printing around $ 0.05 a page.

Professional models of Memjet printers, specially designed for printing labels, are already used by companies such as FedEx.  The next model for Memjet is intended for office use.

According to Memjet press releases, the development of the head and nozzles was made possible thanks to developments in micro-electro-mechanical systems, better known as MEMS. The technology is already used in iPhone sensors and the controls of the Nintendo Wii. 

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