Friday, January 7, 2011

Uni-Kit adds 50% more ink to its best selling Premium Black Inkjet Refill Kit

The best selling Uni-Kit Premium Black Inkjet Refill Kit has been upgraded to now include 50% more black ink than before.  At a time that most companies are raising prices or shrinking products (see a recent report from that shows that many product packages are shrinking to hide price hikes, see also an earlier blog about Lexmark raising its inkjet cartridge prices), Uni-Kit has taken the step to offer more instead of less.  Why? Its simple - offer customers better value, and they'll appreciate it and it builds customer loyalty and retention.  The refill kits now includes 3 x 32ml black ink bottles (previously 2x32ml), which is enough to refill an inkjet cartridge 3-7 times depending on the capacity of the cartridge.  The Uni-Kit Premium refill kits are universal, they will work on all inkjet cartridges.  The kits also come with 32ml Universal Cartridge and Print Head Cleaner (a useful accessory  to unclog print-heads that may have been clogged due to non-use before refilling), as well as a complete set of tools and refill accessories, a CD containing free software worth $20 and detailed, step-by-step illustrated refill instructions for all inkjet cartridges.  In addition, the kit comes with FREE 10 sheets of professional grade Durafirm Technology Photo Paper.  The Uni-Kit inks are also Durafirm Technology, which means they last longer, prints are brighter, more smudge resistant and water resistant than other inks.  123 Refills has kept the price for these Premium Inkjet Refill Kits the same, for $12.99 you now get 50% extra black ink.

Uni-Kit Premium Black Inkjet Refill Kit

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